BartonHeel Boot

How to prevent heel damage in patients

Designed and Manufactured in the UK

3 sizes available small, standard and XL

Fleece lining for comfort and anti shear

Unique integral quad-cell technology

Machine Washable at 60 degrees Celsius

Adjustable velcro straps


The 2014 European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP 2014) guidelines recommend the practise of offloading pressure ‘floating heels’.

For patients at ‘high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers in the susceptible heel area, the BartonHeel Boot offers a proven method of heel offloading. Whilst patients with existing skin damage will find that the unique design and breathable fabrics allow for effective wound healing.


Pressure and Shear Reduction


Both pressure and shear on the heel area are of key importance to clinicians. The prominence of the heel with a patient in bed means that the heel is put under intense pressure. The design of the inflatable portion of the BartonHeel Boot helps to reduce the pressure and also the shear that the heel is under.  The quad cell technology helps ensure a stable platform for the foot and helps keep the in the correct position in comparison to other products on the market.


40 years of Medical Device Design


The sister company of Barton Medical, MJS Healthcare Ltd has over 40 years of experience of producing specialist pressure relief mattresses and cushions as well as producing the PulsePress range of inflatable pressure garments for treating lymphoedema and sports injuries.  All this knowledge and experience has been distilled into the Barton Heel Boot to make a cost effective, reliable product that is actually made in the UK under a ISO13485 QMS.




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